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A Place Where Stray Cats ROAR










Hiba Den, animal shelter or cat sanctuary, it doesn't matter how you name it, what matters is the doing.

We are here to actually DO something about the cruel reality of stray cats and offer a place of peacefulness, caring and compassion.


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Our Story

Back in 2016, Hiba decided to take action and initiate a change upon the harsh situation cats face across the region in Hebron and all Palestine.

Started with a small "Urban-jungle" for these City-Lions, a vision which eventually took initial form in 2022 caring for more than two hundred cats.

After using own resources to the end, this place reached a stage where support is welcomed in order to complete what she has done so far, from its mandatory sections for living and healing, to food and supply. 

Of course MANY THANKS to the supporters helping financially and mentally to elevate this vision of caring and love for cats.

Please mention it's for Hiba Den

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